Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take Our Children to Work Day 2012: OOIE encourages tomorrow's advocates

Children are educated about the concerns of elder abuse by nurse consultant James Plastine.
On April 26, 2012, the OOIE celebrated “Take Our Children to Work Day” with a full day of activities for the children of OOIE employees.

OOIE was delighted to be a part of a strong program of events organized in partnership with the Department of Treasury. The day was designed to give children real-life experience in the workplace.

Seven children from OOIE participated in a Treasury Department-wide conference to learn about Treasury’s other offices (OOIE is in but independent of Treasury) and how we all connect.

Back at the office, the OOIE visitors were able to interact with parents and co-workers learning and understanding how OOIE assists elderly people living in long-term care facilities.

Lead by OOIE staffer Nikiah Nixon, who spearheads the office’s annual “Take Our Children To Work Day”, the children learned that giving, caring, and having compassion for others is not limited to home but also extends to one’s occupation.

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