Friday, January 13, 2012

Increasing visibility of OOIE

Ombudsman McCracken dramatically increases outreach activities 

Elizabeth Speidel, who oversees policy and legislative affairs for OOIE, and State Volunteer Advocate Program Coordinator Deirdre Mraw attend the recent NJ Municipalities Conference.

Since joining the office in December 2010, Ombudsman McCracken has worked diligently to raise the profile of the office. 

“My goal is to increase awareness of our services among residents of long-term care,” said McCracken. “People cannot access our advocacy services if they don’t know about us.” A secondary goal is to dramatically recruit new volunteers to the OOIE Volunteer Advocate Program, said McCracken.

This fall, the office unveiled a new logo and updated all of its outreach publications to reflect the Office’s goal of being a beacon of hope for residents of long-term care.  

“We want to telegraph to the elderly citizens of New Jersey that we are there for them, to provide guidance, support and advocacy when they have nowhere else to turn,” said McCracken.

Since joining the office in December 2010, McCracken has maintained an ambitious schedule of speaking events and facility visits. He maintains open lines of communication with organizations representing long-term care providers and with the state’s most active advocates for vulnerable elderly people, including AARP New Jersey, the NJ Foundation for Aging and Legal Services of New Jersey. 

In addition, under McCracken’s leadership, the OOIE has increased its presence at conferences and conventions targeting elderly New Jersey citizens and the Office has begun to utilize social media to increase awareness of the program. 

Ombudsman McCracken and staff speak frequently to families, resident/family councils, and providers on residents’ rights, quality of care, and advocacy. 

To obtain more information about OOIE outreach activities or to book a speaker, please contact Outreach Coordinator Kisha Saffron at or call 609.826.5073.

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